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chiffre de l'entreprise EN

FRAMIMEX historically dedicated to quality

Framimex is specialised in the collection and the sorting of used clothing since 1957. Based in Appilly (France), we sort every day 40 tons of Original, from the best collection areas of France.

Historic operator in the sorting of used clothing, our process is equipped with an automated line specially designed to allow permanent control of the qualities produced.

Each item enters in a rigorous sorting process, in several stages, in order to meet the requirements of the market and Framimex customers. The company is Certified, in agreement with the Eco-Organism Refashion.

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RECYCLING is in the FRAMIMEX ADN since 70 years

Creation of FRAMIMEX (France Amérique Import Export), first French sorter of original, imported from the United States in the 50th-60th.
Creation of ECOTEXTILE, the first company to set up the collection of Original by containers in France. ECOTEXTILE is quickly becoming one of the leaders in collection in France.
Installation of the FRAMIMEX Sorting Center in Appilly able of directly receive original wagons from Germany.
Creation of the SAPEE brand, specialized in the retail of second-hand clothing in France. The sorting processes implemented for SAPEE produce the best qualities for FRAMIMEX retail customers.
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Mehdi Zerroug and Magide Zerroug

INNOVATION for performance

We develop and apply unique solutions to improve our action in all fields of the textile recycling industry.


Development of unique containers tailored to the requirements of local communities and the constraints of public spaces.

Digital solutions for improved efficiency and traceability of collections.

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Automated sorting line with continuous and individual quality control.

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Establishment of multiple partnerships for the development of new textile-based products, particularly for building insulation.

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Classified as an ICPE (Installation Classified for Environmental Protection), Framimex has an agreement with the eco-organization Refashion.

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